Can cats & dogs eat chicken bones?

Although they are quite a few generations removed from their wild cousins, dogs are similar to wolves and cats are similar to lions. Canine and felines like to eat raw food and meat, much like wolves and lions do. Wolves are known to plunder the henhouses and eat to their hunger, but dogs can safely eat chicken bones, too? What about cats, who sometimes kill and eat birds? The answer is yes-but only in certain circumstances.

Raw chicken bones

Dogs and cats can also safely eat raw chicken bones. It is normal to feed a dog or a cat a raw chicken wing or breast with bone, although the consumption of raw poultry is dangerous for humans because of the potential for bacterial content. Raw chicken bones are soft and supple, and they are easily digested by cats and dogs. Many dogs and cats like to eat raw bones such as chicken bones.

Bones cooked Chicken

Cooked chicken bones are very dangerous for dogs and cats to eat. When heated, chicken bones become brittle and break into sharp splinters when chewing. These sharp bone pieces can be lodged anywhere in the digestive tract such as the throat or intestine. While the boneless cooked chicken is perfectly safe for dogs and cats, the bones are not. Dogs and cats can eat most raw meat and bone.

Health consequences

Most dogs and cats that eat cooked chicken bones will agree, but there is a risk of serious injury. When dogs or cats chew on cooked chicken bones, bones could break into small pieces, pointed in the mouth. These parts can pierce the mouth or pierce a part of the digestive tract, or they may form a blockage in the digestive tract. These problems often require surgery as a remedy.

Benefits of first bones

Raw bones are good for dogs and cats to eat. Raw chicken bones are healthy for dogs and cats to eat, as they promote the tooth and health of the gums, as well as the health of the jaw due to the chewing needed to eat them. Raw bones also help to clean the teeth of pets as they are chewed, and they take more time to eat than commercial dogs and cat food, which allows the digestive system to prepare for the meal.

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